Get Moving

Christmas is one week away.

Holidays revolve around food, family, food, family and more food. When you’re busy wrapping gifts, last minute shopping, cooking, entertaining—and don’t forget about the party hopping—your exercise routine…well, what exercise routine? Try something new with your family and friends this year—get outside and be active. It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s a great calorie burner. Since it doesn’t snow in San Francisco…you don’t have an excuse to not get outside. Here are some ideas:

  • Winter brings unique exercise opportunities that you can’t experience any other time of year. From ice skating in Union Square or to walking city light tours, there are calorie-burning opportunities everywhere you turn!
  • Down in Palo Alto? Check out Stanford Shopping Center. The outdoor mall is beautifully decorated for the holidays. Plus you’ll get last minute shopping done.
  • Burn 84 calories ice skating for 10 minutes. Burn 96 calories playing hockey for the same amount of time.
  • Heading to Tahoe? Cross-Country skiing is one of the best all-around exercises out there. Burn 96 calories in 10 minutes while working both your upper and lower body. Downhill skiing burns 72 calories.
  • Another great winter exercise is Snow Shoeing if your in Tahoe. You can burn 96 calories in 10 minutes. This is also a great wintertime activity for expecting mothers because there is a low risk of falling compared to skiing.

Even if you don’t live in San Francisco or somewhere in the US—say Miami or Honolulu— where it doesn’t snow, these tips can be applied anywhere. The point it to get moving and leave the cookies for Santa.

—Happy Holidays!

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